Monday, April 28, 2014

Craft room befores

I'm going to take these as 'before' shots... the craftroom is less of a mess than it was when we moved in in February, but it's far from organised, or complete. I got the metal shelf from Amazon and it's started the organising process... but I just looked in the Target catalog and the shelves are on sale for $40 each (I paid $75 on Amazon, but it was Christmas money)... I'd like to get another two or three but John says I can have one. Not sure if it'll replace the worn out bakers rack, or the salvaged wooden 'shoeholder'... but I'm sure it'll look better and be more efficient! So without further ado, here are my 'before' shots. And hmmm... one of them refuses to upload. I'll have to take it again.

The main thing to notice about this is that although it's called the 'craftroom' in its current incarnation there is NOWHERE for me to work, so I've yet to attempt a single crafting project more complicated than glueing some coloured paper onto a box or two... the desks are entirely occupied by computer junk and cats and there's no more level space in the room. Also, the closet door is open, not because I want to show you the mess inside, but because the doors won't stay closed! They 'fixed' them for us but it was totally futile... I figured out a way to fix it for myself though - John's going to take them down and I'll use them to screen the ugly hot water service in the laundry, and then I'll put up a tension rod and a shower curtain in the closet doorway... 

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Nancy Lee said...

If these are the befores..... I want you to organize my crafts (or st least start)