Thursday, April 17, 2014

Sunset, a mystery plant, and a mitzvah

Has it really been that long since I posted? Well, I have an assortment for you today...

Firstly, a gorgeous sunset pic that I snapped when we were going to get some dinner last week. I took it out the side car window while we were stopped at a traffic light, and I tilted the camera to get as much sky in as I could so that's why it looks a little odd... but aren't those clouds gorgeous with the setting sun behind them?

Nextly, we have a mystery plant that's just popped up in our empty garden bed. I don't know if it's an actual plant that was dormant when we moved in and now it's woken up for the Spring, or if it's a noxious weed that blew in and took up housekeeping in the otherwise empty bed... I'm more than a little afraid that it might be poison ivy, but since I've never seen the stuff before I really don't know what it looks like! Any and all opinions are welcome... I put a whirly gig next to it for scale so you can see that it's grown more than a foot in a week... it looks like it's looking for something to climb up.

And lastly, John rescued a litter of orphaned bitties today. The little ones were crying in the bushes at a bank branch and the tellers said that mama had been around and not let anyone get close, but she's disappeared. The poor little babies were hungry and cold and lonely so they were crying for somebody to help them and John heard them... he put them in a box and called around until he found an animal shelter to take them too, then he drove them over there in person. I wish we could have kept them, but we have too many cats already... They're too young and we already have too many furry mouths to feed. There won't be any new feline residents in our household until at least two have gone to the Rainbow Bridge, hopefully in many years since they're aged 8-10. Plus it takes a special person to bottle feed a litter of five! I'd go insane from sleeplessness inside a week... I made him take a picture for me before he handed them over, but that's as close as I got to seeing them. Praying for them to grow up strong and healthy and to find loving homes... they're totally adorable and I'm sure they'll be extremely adoptable in another four weeks or so when they're old enough to be seperated. The little white one was mountaineering up John's arm all the way to the shelter, so they're not afraid of people, and that's one big plus on their side. If we were Jewish I'd say John definitely did a mitzvah today and I'm very proud of him for taking the time to help when he could have said 'it's not my problem, I'm too busy'...

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Nancy Lee said...

#1.Gorgeous sunset
#2. Not sure what plant it is, but it is NOT poison ivy - see
#3. SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE.... Yup, that white one looks the most courageous of the litter, and that other pale one is most definately a Siamese mix (smoke- or lynx- point)