Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Completely gratuitous cat pics

The girls decided on mass cuteness this afternoon... so I give you some cat pics. The only one I haven't seen acting cute is Tess... but I'm sure she'll make up for it later.

Scouty thinks that my desk is there solely for her sleeping benefit... and if I'm lucky she'll let me use my keyboard and mouse over on the right-hand corner.

Scouty giving me a look of complete and utter ineffable(sp?) cuteness.

Silver is bird-watching from the bedroom window sill... only unfortunate thing about this habit is that she uses me as a springboard to get there!

Never mind the perfectly good pillow I put into an empty drawer to make a cosy cat basket - Zho-Zho decided she'd rather sleep in the little one.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Spring time in Florida

On the weekend we drove over to Okeechobee... there's not much there, but the 'highway' to get from Stuart to there is GORGEOUS. 'Old Florida' at its best. The speed limit is only 40 or 50 so it takes a long time to drive, but there are so many miles of magnificent Floridian trees lining the road that it didn't seem like a long trip at all. We came back on a more major highway and it was a regular old divided road so the trip was faster, but not nearly as interesting. Glad I could see the forest first!

Then yesterday John had to run a call in West Palm Beach so I went with him to go to Brandsmart and buy ourselves a chest freezer for the duplex (there's almost no room in the freezer because it has an ice maker taking up more than half of the already tiny space and we like to buy meat in bulk to save money). While he worked in the bank, I walked the short block to the beach and sat under a shady palm tree enjoying the blissful balmy Florida spring afternoon. Ahhhh... sometimes it's really nice to live in Florida!