Friday, May 23, 2014

Happy birthday to me...

It's friday and the cupboards are pretty bare... and it's my birthday. John had to work a long hard day today, but he stopped at Publix on his way home and brought me home a gorgeous birthday cake, a little vase of roses (extra thoughtful because we don't have a vase to put flowers in and these roses came with their own specimen vase), and a roast chicken for dinner. After nine years of marriage he seems to have 'got it' - I am a romantic at heart and flowers and candy or cake from my husband make my heart sing... he also got me a little beanie baby yesterday, so I put it into the photo. I didn't want to sit home all day and he had another long drive with very little work so I went with him, and when we stopped to send his parts back at Fed-Ex, they had these adorable beanie babies by the counter... sorry the photos blurry but my hand is hurting badly today and I couldn't hold the phone still enough, but of course I wanted to take the photo before we cut the cake. :)

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