Friday, February 14, 2014

Our new apartment (pre-move in)

Yes, it's a mess... but that's because the landlord hadn't cleaned it up yet, just hauled out the trash. We move in on February 24th and he's promised that the things that need fixing (some broken tiles, marked up walls, broken closet doors and drawers) will be fixed this week.Click to see the 'before' pictures. One day I'll hopefully have 'afters' for you!

The Kitchen. Grey is NOT my favourite colour but I'm thinking silver and blue accents will brighten it up. Side-by-side fridge has an icemaker/water dispenser. Stove is very ordinary but the built-in microwave is handy. The dishwasher front is scratched up but everything works. I believe you can re-cover the front? A black dishwasher is really out of place with the rest of the kitchen!

The screened porch. I actually LIKE this paint job but it could use another coat to make it more subtle... nice and big and airy. Broken tiles are being fixed.

Laundry room. Nothing exciting and the water heater stands in the corner... but it works.

Living room. I like the ceiling fan. Blind needs replacing - I'm thinking full-length curtains hung beside the window to make it seem larger... paint marks are supposed to be cleaned up for us. Glad I have a place to put my faux stained glass on the front door! You can't really see here but the living room has a HIGH ceiling.

The craft room. This is going to need repainting in a lighter colour. I like the cottage-style window, even if it doesn't match the others...

View out the craftroom window. I can see this becoming a mini-courtyard with a trellis on the privacy fence and some nice paving/planters... the trashcans have to go out here but there's plenty of room on the far side of the window where you won't see them.

Bathroom one. More super-dark paint... no exhaust fan, but the window opens.

Bathroom one vanity. Ugh! The broken drawer is supposed to be fixed. I'm seeing the cabinet painted a very dark brown with rustoleum laminex paint. And the walls need to be lighter. Plus it needs a real mirror - looks like this one came from the dollar tree!

Bathroom two (the master bath) The same as bathroom one except lighter... and it already has a proper mirror.

Master bedroom. Yes that IS a yellow sun painted on the wall... goodness knows why! But paint can be easily changed...

His-and-hers closets. I like this feature... we can have one each and I won't have to hang my clothes in the craftroom!
The front yard. All the other duplexes have palm trees... but for for some reason this has these pink flowering trees and bananas. Happy - I LOVE flowers! The yard is maintained/mowed for us...

Neglected garden bed by the front door. Anybody know how to clean the grunge off the paint?

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