Friday, February 28, 2014

Getting settled bit by bit... Our Living Room

Ignore the mess... as you can see there are boxes EVERYWHERE still! But I'm doing my best. Last night we opened some of the boxes in the craft room and started organising in there. No rush to finish - I had some of this stuff boxed up for a month before we left, I don't need it tomorrow! This first batch of photos is our living room... as you can see there's a TON of space in here, so I put the love seat sideways across the room with the bookshelves and all the stacked boxes behind it... but there's more than enough space for a full-sized sofa bed, so at some point I expect we'll buy one. Then we can actually have overnight guests as long as they like cats! I'm also going to get two more bookshelves to match the two I've got and we'll have a wall-of-books on that back wall, instantly doubling the size of our library space, and making them look less silly against that tall peaked wall. I love the sloped roof, but it's a lot more vertical space to fill than I'm used to! At some point we'll buy a picture hanging kit and get some art on the walls but for now they're big empty tan slabs.

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