Friday, February 28, 2014

Moving In

The movers came on Monday Feb 24... it took them ALL DAY to move us, and it's going to take weeks to get all the unpacking done. But after four days here it's starting to feel more like home. There's a TON more room here than I expected - our furniture (which just fit nicely into the old apartment) is dwarfed by this one. I've always had to jam my little bedside table in front of the bedroom door, but there's enough room in this bedroom to easily fit a full bedroom set for the first time ever! And next time we get a new bed, it'll be a king size! Photos of the preliminary unpacking coming next, but first here's a few moving shots.

John  and I supervised the move from our chairs... the movers left them till last, and brought them off the truck for us first. Good thing too - we were standing in the empty duplex for nearly two hours waiting for them to show up and my back was killing me from not being able to sit down any place!

And the furniture goes out the door piece by piece...
Ready to unload... that was a BIG truck and our stuff nearly filled it. They sure earned their money moving us! Loading up took two and a half hours, unloading only took one because there were no stairs...

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