Sunday, December 28, 2014

Craft Room again

I've finally got the craftroom kind of like I want it... when we got out new tv for the living room (doesn't it look good?) John mounted it on the wall and I rearranged the furniture to fit.

He bought me a Roku box for the craftroom and hung the old set up for me so I can watch netflix while I craft (we don't have cable in there, that would cost too much extra)... I hung my shower curtains on a tension rod, put some of my favourite pictures I'd drawn up above the closet, and I found some cute silver butterfly wall stickers at the Dollar Tree to fill in the blank space on the wall and tie the tv into it. They only had two packs left and it took all of them - if I can ever manage to find any more to match, I'll continue the butterflies up over the door (on the left side of the closet).

Problem is, that if you open the pretty curtain on the cupboard, this is what you see inside... a big pile of JUNK and empty moving boxes, a pile of stuff waiting to go to the thrift store for donation, and not much else that actually needs to be there.

 I would just love to turn it into a craft closet and get all of my stuff neatly put away so that we can bring a daybed or a guest bed into the room, while the stainless steel storage rack will move out to the laundry with the christmas decorations, cat carriers etc that we don't need regularly. But before I can do that, we have go find a way to fit all of THIS into that closet. Wish us luck...

Still to be added (if we can find the money, which probably won't be for a long time unless we stumble across some super bargains)

  • - a daybed with nice cushions...
  • - white frilly valances above the closet and the window (matching)... to hide the fact that a shower curtain is only 72 inches long while a closet door is 80 tall, and tie the two openings together.
  • - SHELVES in the closet. Not sure if we'll be able to remove the one fixed shelf that's already there or if we should work around it. 
  • a smaller computer desk. Since I have a whole table to do my crafts on, I don't need such a large desk any more, plus this one is falling apart as I look at it! 
  • Some kind of decorative feature for the corner of the room under the tv. Thinking maybe a white wrought-iron style plant stand. Or we could just put a filing cabinet over there and get the paperwork out of the plastic storage bins I've got it in now... whatever we get, it just has to be white or silver - white or silver looks by far the best with the blue walls...

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