Tuesday, May 11, 2010


I've had my photos on Webshots for the last ten years... but they keep changing their access policies and increasing their price, and with my latest computer upgrade the desktop program won't work at all! So enough is enough... if I can have a craft blog of my own, why not a photo blog? Each day I'm going to post a photo or two that I particularly like. And I hope you like them too! Come with me and travel through Australia, Canada, the American South-West, and of course my home state of Florida.

To get you started, here's a photo from my old home - Melboune, Australia. This is a photo of the central skyline in the late afternoon taken from across the Yarra River. The spire on the left is St Paul's Cathedral and in front of it is the Flinders Street train station. There are five train stations in the inner city, three of them built underground on the 'City Loop' but Flinders Street is the first stop for most trains.

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Mama H said...

Nice pic. You wouldn't believe how many new buildings have gone up since you left.